Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Am Absolutely Livid!!!!


Originally, I sent my resignation via email back in June. That’s when our fucking bishop called my husband, and my husband got all freaked out and I said fine, leave my name on.

And then I found my balls and sent a resignation again via email on October 24th and threatened them with legal action if they contact anyone in my family about it.  Nothing. I called a few weeks ago, and they said it was in process. 

I called again today, got shipped around from person to person, and was finally told I have to hand-write a letter and mail it in.

Fuck that! I printed off my last e-mail, signed it, and mailed it.  I also highlighted the part where I said I wanted no contact save verification that my name has been removed, and the part where I threatened legal action if they contact anyone in my family via any method at all.

So now I have to wait another month.  This is outrageous!  Any other church, you just stop going. But the fucking mormons make you jump through hoops. And if I didn’t so vehemently disagree with their policies and practices, I wouldn’t be making a big deal about it. But I do. I disagree so much that the thought of them counting me as a member makes me want to throw up.

I'm so angry I'm shaking. I absofuckinglutely cannot believe this.


  1. I have no idea if my resignation was ever processed. I sent in a letter over two years ago. I've tried to stop caring about it, but I really don't want my name on their rolls, adding to their attendance.

    Ugh. I'm sorry you've had to go through all this garbage. It's like trying to climb out of quicksand.

  2. You call member records in SLC every single day until they comply. Repeat every single time that you are no longer a member of their church, that you stopped being a member the day they received your letter, and that you have a legal right to receive confirmation that they've removed your name from the records. That's what my husband did. Skip your local leaders and go straight to SLC. Husband got his confirmation letter back within a week of his first phone call.

  3. My God, what a headache! You shouldn't have to jump through these hoops, and I'm disappointed that the LDS church is giving you the runaround.

    When I submitted a declaration of defection from the Catholic Church, the whole thing was like a business transaction. It's a pain that the LDS church is so clingy with former members.

  4. Fuck. that sucks. There I cursed for you, so you can feel less guilty about it. hehehe. The Mormons sometimes drag their heels about releasing people. Even after we met with our former Bishopric (yes I have guts), they still said it wouldn't be final until the 10th of Dec because the stake had to process it and they wanted to give us time in case we changed our minds. Not very freaking likely. I know I don't want to follow a damn false cult.

  5. The First Amendment guarantees you freedom FROM religion. Therefore, when you provide LDS Inc. with formal notice that you are no longer a member, you're done. F*** their hoops.

    My process in a nutshell. I provided formal notice to LDS Inc. that I terminated my membership. My letter gave them my name (first, MI, and surname), DOB, and membership number. My address was my PO box. Letter was notarized.

    Dodge returned my original letter and gave me some bullshit about how they couldn't process it because they needed a physical address. In my response I thanked him for returning my original letter because it has sentimental value. However, his claim that he couldn't process because they couldn't locate my record was utter bullshit. In short (paraphrasing), "My physical address is private information and you can't have it. I'm no longer a member, Dodge. Deal. Oh, and your claim that you can't find my membership record is belied by the fact that you included my full middle name in your response - which I didn't give you. Lying Asshole. I haven't requested anything of you and I don't give a shit how you handle this internally. You have formal notice that I'm no longer to be treated as a member. Suck on that. Oh, and if you contact me again other than with formal confirmation of my notice I'll sue your ass."

    A few weeks later I got the standard formal confirmation. They like to play head games with people but the reality is, once you provide formal notice that you're out, you're done and they can't do anything about it.