Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Book of Abraham

Last night I searched on youtube for the documentary I'd read about pertaining to the Book of Abraham. I found it, and watched the whole thing.

Having been an avid Egyptologist when I was younger, I should have known that the Book of Abraham wasn't true. I shold have recognized Anubis and Isis. I mean, when I looked at the facsimiles, they looked wrong to me, but I didn't question it. I've heard people say that it was not the papyri in his hands that Joseph Smith was translating, but that having those papyri opened up his mind so God could give him the Book of Abraham.  Of course, the text contradicts that idea right off the bat. But I believed it. Drank the sugary fruit-flavoured beverage and called it good.

I'm sick to death of being lied to. I want the truth, no matter how much it may hurt. Because in the long run, truth is what matters. I guess in coming to the realisation that TSCC is not what it proclaims to be, I have felt a bit like Helen Keller making the connection between the strange movements her teacher was using and the water that was gushing over her hands. I'm not in the dark anymore. I have a lot to learn, and miles to go before I sleep, but at least the switch has been turned on.


  1. I don't have anything really to contribute to this post, but I wanted to say that I'm really enjoying your writing.

    On second thought, do you have a handy link for that documentary? I'm curious, now.

  2. Thank you, Michael! Here's the link:

    It's about 55 minutes, and well worth it, I think.