Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Need to Win the Lottery

Then I could have a big duplex built, and my husband could live in one side, and I could live in the other side. I could deal with being married if I didn't have to live with him. Know what I mean?

If you have a happy marriage, probably not.

He's a good person. Decent. Kind to others. Brilliant musician. Loves our dog(s). Loves kids. He'd literally give you the shirt off your back if you needed it.

And he drives me up a damn wall. Snarky comments that just piss me off. Lack of understanding about my health & mental health issues. Trying to be my food police under the guise of "helping" me, no matter how many times I've said I'm a grown woman and I don't need his help. Telling me I can do something (e.g. decorate the Christmas tree), and then getting pissy about how I do it.

And I know I'm no saint, trust me. When he pisses me off, I let him know it in no uncertain terms. I have bipolar depression, and more than a touch of OCD, and when he gets in the way of my routine, I can get nasty.

So separate houses. That way we can stay married and see each other when we want to. He can do what he wants in his house, and I can do what I want in mine.

Please, FSM, let me win the lottery!!!

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