Saturday, May 7, 2011


I'm just wondering: God spoke to Isaiah.  How? Was it through dreams? Through a still small voice? In person? Via telephone?

I'm not being facetious. Okay, maybe the telephone question was a bit much, but seriously--how do did God speak to Isaiah, or Jeremiah, or Samuel? 

How do we know it was God doing the speaking?

TBM's believe Joseph Smith's account of the first vision, because God was there, along with Jesus, and spoke to him.  Well, in one of the accounts of the first vision, anyway. Obviously if God's right there and talking to you, there can be little doubt.

But I assume that other people, in other religions and faiths, believe that God, or their version of God, spoke/speaks to them.  How can they all be right? How can they all be wrong?

Just wondering.


  1. Mushrooms. Different varieties.

  2. Hallucinations. Dreams. Bending the truth. Lies. Fiction taken as fact. Countless explanations.