Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Take Note!

I'm not an alcoholic because I have a glass of wine every now and then.

I'm not a druggie because I take medications prescribed by my physician(s) as they are prescribed.

I'm not a slut because I wear tank tops and cute underwear (today? grey boyshorts).

I'm not breaking moral standards by drinking coffee and tea.

My house didn't burn down because I left the church.

My beautiful sweet lovable border collie didn't die because I left the church.

My beautiful sweet little dachshund boy didn't contract chronic kidney failure because I left the church or because I defend myself when my husband starts accusing me of being a druggie alcoholic with no moral standards who doesn't take care of her dogs. He's not eating, but he's not not eating because I left the church because I'm a druggie alcoholic with no moral standards.  He's not doing well, but that's not because I'm a druggie alcoholic with no moral standards who left the church.

I invited my husband to move out, but he laughed at me and said that I need to move out.

Then when I told him he can have the house and we can just split the money for the contents and go our separate ways, he backtracked and apologised and he's just under stress because of everything. Apparently I'm not under any stress. And I'm supposed to just let his insults roll off my back without getting upset, because our dog has kidney failure because I raise my voice in frustration.

See, it's okay for him to yell at me and accuse me of all kinds of things, but I'm not allowed to get hurt or defend myself.

I'm really fucking pissed off today.

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  1. No, those hard things are called "life," not "punishment because I left the church." They happen to the faithful too, but then they call those difficult life experiences "faith-promoting."

    I'm sorry that you're not getting the support from your husband that you need, Aint. Not surprising though. Mormons, particularly those who feel backed into a corner, don't have the self-insight to help themselves let alone be a support to you.

    Be good to yourself. You deserve it.