Monday, October 24, 2011

I Did It!!!

I resigned from LDS, Inc.!

I actually tried once before, but the bishop called my husband expressing concern, and my husband freaked out, so I said never mind, but was seething inside that I can't even resign my membership without having to report to a man.

So today I got my balls together, and sent another email, this time informing them that should they attempt to notify my husband or any other member of my family in regards to my resignation, I will pursue legal action. I fucking mean it, too.

I don't think that my decision to resign is the business of any other person. It's my business. I made my decision based on what is right for me, and I don't have to return and report to my husband, my stepfather, or any other man who thinks he has authority over me.

I, aintnomonomo, ain't no mo no mo!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Woot! (And congratulations, and similar such sentiments!)

  2. Excellent! Now, may they heed your reasonable demand to respect your privacy. I wonder if they're capable of that level of decency?

  3. That's great! I am wanting to resign as well, but am concerned about the family drama that would ensue (I know, it's stupid). If that worked for you, then I just may have to kick my resignation into high gear! Congratulations, and thank you for posting!

  4. Congrats! Will you celebrate by having a piece of chocolate cake and perhaps a cup of coffee? :)

  5. Fantastic! It feels to be out of that hell hole!!!!