Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wife No. 19

Okay, so I just finished reading Ann Eliza Webb Young Whatever the rest of her last names were's memoirs of life in polygamist Mormon Utah.

Brigham Young doesn't come out looking too well, if the only thing you had to judge him by were her memoirs.  Is there a decent biography of him out there, one that's neither written by Mormon apologists nor by untrustworthy anti's?  Not that I'm saying she's untrustworthy, per se, but I don't necessarily believe everything she wrote.

I'd just like to know a little more factual history.


  1. I don't know, Aintnomonomo. I suspect any bio will likely have some bias. Although it is not a biography for BY, the Tanners' "Mormonism: Shadow or Reality" is a well-documented and meticulously researched treatise of sorts that certainly includes many verified quotes from and facts about BY.

    Also, Todd Compton's "In Sacred Loneliness" is very well researched, is fairly objective (Compton was an active Mo when he wrote it; not sure of his current status), and includes more historical material than Compton's commentary. That book gave me a glimpse into BY that he will never recover from, particularly the account of Emily Partridge.

    I will tell you that after reading both of the foregoing books, it was clear to me that BY was not a nice man. (I'm restraining myself).

    Good luck!

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