Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Support Marriage Equality!

I so totally stole this from Macha.  I love being subversive, and this is a great opportunity to do just that with the tools of the opposition!! If you're curious, I sent the longer message and feel quite happy about it. **Everything below this line is directly from Macha's blog. **

Brian Brown and his NOM groupies are panicking over marriage equality in New York. He wants you to email the NY swing votes and tell them to oppose marriage equality. It's fun to mess with the fundies, and use their own servers against them.

Here's what you do:

Go here.

Change the subject line to "Please vote YES on Marriage Equality"

Change the message to one supporting marriage equality. Below are a couple examples for you to use, or you can just make up your own. Make sure you have your 9-digit zip code!

Send your message and SHARE THE LINK, especially if you or anyone you know lives in New York!

My message (which counters NOM's version point by point):
I strongly urge you to support the same-sex marriage bill if and when it comes up to a vote in the Senate.

Marriage is about love and commitment, and as long as any government makes it its business to issue marriage licenses, it has no interest in or right to discriminate on the basis of sex or sexual orientation in to whom it issues those licenses.

The government has an interest in making sure children grow up in stable homes. The children of LGBT parents are not protected equally if their parents do not have the right to marry and validate their familial relationship. The government must protect and acknowledge all families, including those of LGBT couples, and grant them the right to marry.

Religious freedom means one person or group cannot impose their religious beliefs OR practices on any other person or group. Others are free to believe that it is immoral or unnatural to be in a relationship with someone who happens to be of the same sex, just as others are free to believe that it is wrong to be in a relationship with someone who happens to be of a different ethnicity, but they have no right to impose their beliefs or practices on other people.

Please, support marriage equality. Support families. Vote to allow loving couples to marry. If you are already a supporter of marriage equality, I thank you.

A shorter, simpler message:
I strongly urge you to support the marriage equality bill if and when it comes up to a vote in the Senate.

Please, protect the legitimate needs of same-sex couples. They have the right to live as they choose, and if that means redefining marriage for all of us then please vote Yes on marriage equality.

Happy mischief-making/equality activism!

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