Monday, June 6, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Sorry I've been out for the last several days--I managed to really hurt my back last Wednesday and was on bedrest for the rest of last week. I have nice muscle relaxers and pain pills, which helped while I was in bed. Today's my first day back to work, however, and I'm miserable. Can't wait to go home and crawl back in bed.

Anyway, on Saturday my husband and I ventured out to run a few errands and see a movie (X-Men, and I loved it). I also wanted to start moving around so it wouldn't be a complete total shock when I got to work today.  After the movie, we ran by Voldemart to get some things. As my husband was pulling into the parking place, he looked over at me and asked if I was comfortable baring my shoulders (I was wearing a tank top). I told him that I was extremely comfortable, after which he asked what if someone from the ward saw me.

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. If someone from the ward saw me, they'd probably be a little shocked and perhaps would think I'd been excommunicated. It doesn't really matter what they would think.

I told my husband that, and he winced a little. Apparently he still worries a little too much what people think. I said I was comfortable both physically and mentally.  I live in Texas. It was 90 something degrees Saturday, and it was hot. Instead of having a layer of sweat-soaked garments sticking to my skin beneath my bra beneath another shirt, I had a bra and a cool tank top. I enjoyed the feeling of the wind blowing across my virgin upper arms and shoulders. It was great.

I related this story to my exmo sister and my nevermo stepmother at lunch yesterday, and my stepmother was just baffled as to why it would be any concern at all to wear a tank top. My sister and I tried to explain it, but it boils down to if you've never been under the control of LDS, Org., it's hard to understand both the freedom and the anger as you're coming out from under the influence.

Another simple pleasure, for me, is sleeping with only a pair of panties on.  Okay, when my husband's out of town and the dogs are sleeping in bed with me, I'll add a tank top. But when it's just me, I enjoy the comfort and the coolness I get from not having to wear nineteenth century underwear.

What are some of the simple pleasures you've found/rediscovered since leaving TSCC? Do share! :)

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