Monday, April 18, 2011


Since taking off my garments a few weeks ago, I've relished being able to wear whatever underwear I like. And then it strikes me as pathetic to be so happy to wear whatever underwear I like!  I was reading one of those "you may be a post mormon if...." things on a message board the other day, and someone talked about having an array of colours of underwear. I was about to chime in, because I bought 4 bras, but then I realized that nude, white, black, and grey hardly made for an array of colours.  So Friday night I went and bought a turquoise bra and a coral coloured bra.  Woot!

I haven't gotten to the point of getting matching panties yet, mostly because I forgot about it while I was at the store, but even so: I have purple, grey, tiger striped, polka dot, blue, yellow, orange panties, and it's so nice!

You know what else?  When I'm not wearing a complete layer of underclothes beneath my tops, I feel so much cooler. And if I'm wearing a light jacket or bolero over a tank top, and I get too hot, I can take my jacket or bolero off to get cooler!  Woohoo!  I remember days at the office where the A/C would go out, and I had foolishly worn a jacket over a tank top over my bra over my garments, and I would sit there and just swelter. My work bff would tell me to take my jacket off, and I couldn't tell her why I couldn't.

I didn't leave the church just so I could sin. But I have to say I'm enjoying my underwear freedom! (and the iced tea. Mmmmm.)


  1. LOL!!! It is great in Texas being able to actually be cool instead of sweltering under a minimum of two layers of clothing...