Monday, April 25, 2011

Interesting Conversations

My husband and I had more than one conversation this weekend about the church and our faith.  Despite everything, he still insists he has to believe that the mormon church is true, and if he dies and finds out it's not, he'll be relieved. 

I'm not pushing him in any particular direction, and he knows that, but I'm also standing firm in my decision to stay away from the mormon church. I will not affiliate with it; I will no longer allow old white men to tell me what kind of underwear to wear, and what I can and cannot eat and drink.  I will no longer believe that people love me who send me photocopied messages with various highlights and underlinings once a month, and ask to come visit but don't bother responding if I tell them that the day they want to come is bad for me, and who never call me unless they're calling to fulfill the responsibilities given to them by old white men.

My husband yesterday asked me what religion I am--Catholic? Episcopalian? Anglican? Baptist? Presbyterian? Methodist?  I told him I don't know yet. It remains to be figured out. My own guess right now is that I'll end up either going to the Presbyterian church with my Dad & Monster, or else I'll go to a non-denominational Christian church.  But time will tell.


  1. I hear good things about the Unitarian Universalists. If I could, I would go there, but the nearest chapel is over an hour away.

  2. Macha, thank you. I have a friend in Utah who works with a UU group, and I've really enjoyed the sermons she's shared. I'll have to see what's nearby.