Monday, January 9, 2012


Also known as my favourite pair of undies. Boldly coloured, black trim, with a silver WTF emblazoned across the black.

Also known as my response upon reading a friend's FB status stating that Tim Tebow is like King David of old, always giving God credit whether things go well or badly.  Seriously?  David? Tebow: professional football player, i.e., gets paid for playing a game. King David (if you believe the bible) killed Goliath to end a war, fought a whole other lot of wars, became king, impregnated another man's wife and then sent that man to be killed to cover his sin, and had all his family suffer as a result of said sin. I'm not sure Tebow would be flattered by the comparison. Or maybe he would. It seems like too many people worship and adore David because to them, what he did right outweighs what he did wrong. Like murder.

Also known as my response when my alarm went off this morning in the midst of a very stressful dream. I was glad to wake up from the dream, but not glad to have to get out of bed and go to work.

Okay. Logging off now and going to work. Grrrr.  I could use some quality sleep.

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