Thursday, January 5, 2012

Last Post Today, I Promise

I've been spending rather a lot of time going through the archives of Unreasonable Faith, and I came across a photo of the luscious Sir Ian McKellen in a tee shirt with the logo, "Some people are gay. Get over it." And I liked the sentiment as much as I adore the wearer, so I shared it on my facebook page. I haven't come out of the exmo closet yet, and still have a few friends and plenty of family who are active Mormons.

I noticed while I was browsing my fb feed earlier that one of my internet verymo friends was talking about the pain it causes a mother when her children leave not only for life but for eternity. Her oldest son and his wife, who had been living with them, apparently moved out under less than desirable circumstances. And based on her somewhat cryptic posts, it sounded as though religion might have a lot to do with it.

So it shouldn't have surprised me when, not too long after I posted the photo of Sir Ian (about whom I had a delectable dream once, and trust me when I tell you he was most decidedly NOT gay in that dream), she said that she knew it would be an unpopular opinion, but what if she said some people are murderers. Get over it.


She left another couple of uneducated unkind comments as I responded to her idiocy. So I unfriended her. I apologised to my gay friends. I told my fb peeps that if I offend them, they are welcome to unfriend me, but I believe in loving people.

I can't come totally out as an exmo until I can get to Utah and visit my mother, which won't be until later this year. It's going to devastate her, and I'd rather be able to talk to her in person. I'd just as soon not have the big discussion with her, but I have to be honest.

My stomach hurts.

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