Wednesday, January 4, 2012


During lunch today my bff and I were discussing prayer. Like, how does it get decided which prayer gets answered in the way the supplicant wishes it to be answered? I mean, when I was going through the IVF, and some other woman was going through it, how did it get decided that she was going to successfully get pregnant and I would lose my babies? Or take it down to a lower level--a high school football team, members on both teams praying for a win. Obviously only one team will win.

And then I found this.



  1. With all the serious needs of most of the people on the planet, I think it is the height of audacity to pray for one's own well being. Especially when, compared to others, we have so much. It all seems so extremely selfish. Is there no compassion in prayer?

  2. It's like when you can't find your keys, so you pray, and voila, there they are! It doesn't change the fact that your keys were already there. I also believe that it may be well and good to pray for someone, but I believe that it's better to do something proactive. I've seen a picture of a person praying, with the caption: Prayer, a way to think you're doing something without actually doing anything. I can't totally agree with it--when I tell someone I'm going to pray for them and they get comfort from that, that's doing something. But is it enough? If I'd spent more time with my nephew who died, and less time just praying for him, it would have done more good. Sorry--my thoughts and emotionsa re all over the place today. Thank you for visiting & commenting. :)