Monday, September 26, 2011


Today, in breaking news that no one cares about, I'm going to tell you about my undies!  They're not white. They don't come down to my knees. There's nothing under my bra except my boobs and nakey skin.  The bottom undies are black, with little red hearts, and a black ribbon bow on the front. They're cute, and they make me happy. Way happier than the underwear I wore for 25 years. (Um, that should not be construed to mean that I wore the same pair of underwear for 25 years, because ugh.)

That is all!


  1. I facking love fun underwear--leopard print, plaid, all-over badgers, lace. In fact, I am going to buy some new ones this week before I visit my boyfriend. He likes fun underwear too.

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