Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Temporary Absence

My house caught fire Sunday night. If I were a cause-and-effect kind of a person, I might say that it was God's judgment coming down on me for leaving the church.  But then I would say that if God burns downs people's houses for leaving the church, he wouldn't be much of a god, and there wouldn't be very many houses left, either. I think crap just happens.

Anyway, we're all safe, both those of us who walk on 2 legs and those who walk on 4. We spent the first two nights with my parents, and now we're in a hotel for a couple of weeks and then will be in a corporate apartment after that until our house is ready for us to move back in.

I probably won't be posting much until things settle back down.

Oh, and one thing that strikes me as funny. The church books my husband refused to let me sell at a used book store? He'd put them in the converted garage that we use for his studio and storage.  Guess where the fire started? Guess what books got all burnded up?  :)

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